Weekly Reads!

How and Why Cities Are Catering To Bicyclists
More people are riding bikes, so cities are smartly making their infrastructure safer for all forms of transportation.
A bevy of bizarre bicycles (40 Photos)
These are some pretty crazy-looking bicycles. Animal bikes, bikes on bikes, really tall bikes, really long bikes, really dangerous-looking bikes…
Find Out If You Live in One of the Most Walkable Cities in the US
Wouldn’t it be awesome if Charleston, SC was on this list?
Is GinzVelo The Future For Sustainable Transportation?
GinzVelo is basically a cross between a car and a bike and my be the future for sustainable transportation. What do you think?
Peter Ginzburg, the inventor of this hybrid, sums it up pretty nicely, “If you live in a city, then you know that owning a car is a burden, public transportation is time consuming, walking is slow, and riding a bike can be very inconvenient… That’s why I created GinzVelo.”

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